Is your CT scanner accredited?

Is your CT scanner accredited?

Accreditation is a hurdle that all facilities with CT scanners must clear in order to qualify for certain insurance reimbursements. And nobody likes a do-over if they don’t pass inspection. It’s costly and time consuming and nobody needs that.

Several factors go into CT accreditation. Image quality is a primary one. To optimize image quality, your CT scanner must be functioning at peak performance.

The Solution?

NIS offers a service that can improve the chances of a successful inspection the first time.

We conduct an audit of your CT system to verify that it meets or exceeds the accreditation criteria for image quality. Any problems identified during the audit can be repaired and calibrated prior to the physicist inspection. This simple step can help eliminate wasted time and money that can occur as result of a failed official inspection.

NIS can help you to meet the criteria the first time for the following industry standards:

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