Upgrade Your X-Ray System to DR

Network Imaging Systems can help with your Digital Radiography needs in the entire southeast including Charlotte and Raleigh, NC and Columbia, SC

Whether you are considering the move to Digital Radiography (DR) for economic reasons or simply to boost efficiency in your department, deciding if the upgrade makes sense for you can be a real challenge.

Do you feel like you have been told too many times that a provider has “the perfect solution” for you before they have even take the time to really understand your unique needs?

We have several solutions for the path to DR Radiology but we also understand that you cannot solve a problem without understanding it first.

We can help you approach your options at the very beginning of the process; by carefully listening to your needs. Only then do we recommend what is right for you. Because you are not “every other” customer and at Network Imaging Systems, Every Customer Counts.