GE BrightSpeed Elite 16-slice CT

This system is currently fully refurbished, staged, and powered on at our Charlotte, NC warehouse.


  • 17 million MAS on 2017 Performix Tube
  • Software Options: Smart Prep, Direct-3D, 3000 Image Series, AutoMA, 90KVA, Helical Tilt, Smart Speed, Patient-16-slice, Power440, Direct-MPR, Data Export, CopyComposer, VolumeViewer, AutoBone, SmartScore Pro, CardIQ SnapShot, NoiseReductionFilter, Real Time CT Fluoro
  • Software Version: 07MW11.10_SP3-1-11.HP_P_G16_G_HPT
  • NEMA XR-29 Compliant
  • 70 cm bore diameter
  • 16-slice Detector
  • Nominal slice thicknesses selections (mm):0.625, 1.25, 2.5, 3.75,5, 7.5, 10
  • Reconstruction Speed: up to 4 images/second
  • Fastest Gantry Rotation: 0.5 seconds per rotation
  • Maximum scan technique: 440 mA at 120 kV
  • KV settings: 80, 100, 120, 140
  • Maximum Patient Weight Supported by Table: 450 lb
  • System Includes: gantry, table, console, PDU, interconnect cabling, table extensions, software, and service tools.

Please Note: This is system has been professionally refurbished and returned to original condition. The system includes installation, applications training, and warranty.