Customers who buy a refurbished CT scanner from NIS receive a like-new system that has been fully restored to OEM specifications. In addition to a complete system audit, each machine is processed through the following steps before delivery to a customer's site:

  • The system covers are removed, repaired, and painted.
  • The system is powered up to ensure that it is fully functional.
  • All wearable mechanical components are inspected and replaced as needed.
  • A full one-year Planned Maintenance (PM) schedule is completed to ensure that all adjustments and calibrations meet OEM specifications.
  • The system is tested thoroughly to simulate typical scanning in a diagnostic imaging setting.
  • A complete set of quality assurance (QA) scans is created and the images saved on the hard drive.
  • The system is securely packaged for delivery to the customer.

Completing these steps prior to shipping the system to the installation site significantly improves the reliability and performance of the system. The result? Customers are able to launch their CT operations on schedule and with confidence.
For more information, contact us at (800) 708-2189 or info@nisnc.com.